Growing Communities

Growing Communities

Michael R. C. Anthony, a 20 year resident of Pottstown/Pottsgrove community, is the president and founder of CFDC, INC.

In 2010, Michael R. C. Anthony was driving through the Pottstown Community and began to look around at the different residents' needs, homes for sale, abandoned houses, closed businesses and the storefronts available to rent. His thought process at that time was: "we have the ability to build Pottstown back up". He realized that the one thing that keeps us from doing this is a "lack of knowledge". People can't do what they don't know they have the power to do.

He realized that we have to come from behind closed doors and put "developing our community first". At this point the vision became clearer and was put into writing. It read as such, "We must provide residents of all ages within the Pottstown surrounding community with knowledge and resources that will make them health conscious, assist them with everyday living and aide them in the development of their education, employment, and social skills. Our goal is to open their eyes to economic empowerment and provide career/entrepreneurial guidance to build up what has already been established in their community."

In 2011, CFDC became incorporated and established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The Board began to grow and other local community organizations like the Ricketts Community Center and Rolling Hills Community begin to avail space for various programs and events. Choose Lyfe, Healthy Hearts and Recover All, have become partners as well and we continue to grow. Our goal is very simple: To educate, motivate, build up and empower our community. Our funding sources are through donations, private foundations, local, federal and state grants.

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